For those who love to move, the important criterion when choosing the counterpart is to find somebody who is similar to them and loves the various kinds of physical activities. Nowadays, the significance of doing some sport is very highlighted because in our time of civilisation diseases, fast foods and unhealthy meals, just sport activities belong to very effective formulas how to stay fit.

If you bet on the Czech sportswoman, you will be totally content. A man who finds such a woman can be sure that he will not sit at home only watching TV or will not spend his free time in bars and restaurants. For Czech and Slovak women who like to move is typical that they constantly look for doing sports and require it.

It is highly probable that they do not want to practise the majority of sport activities only themselves so that they demand the boyfriend´s attention and his presence when doing various sports. Czech girls naturally like a walk the best. It does not have to be too physically demanding; however, without any doubts its regularity is a necessity. Very often it is enough to take her into countryside or some park.

There is a pretty nice countryside in the Czech Republic and if you go to the mountains, you do not do badly. For instance Krkonoše Mountains enchant you by the beautiful landscape and also the walking possibilities which can be also quite easy to manage. In Moravia you will be captivated by Jeseníky Mountains with the highest peak Praděd that you can beat also by bike. If you look for women from Prague who love sports, then you do not have to be worried because the capital offers a huge variety of activities for the free time. The only thing you have to do is to try some of them.

18. 04. 2011