Role of Slovakian Women in a Family

Slovak women play a traditional role in the family. They are the ones who take care of the family, do housework and plan all the activities the family or children do either together or themselves. They are well-organised and are able to run a household as well as work full-time. Their children appreciate it when their mothers spend a lot of time with them, play various games and teach them many things. Slovakian girls simply make caring mothers once they grow up.

Their partners don't need to feel neglected either. Women create a nice family atmosphere, in which they feel secure, loved and cared about. Their wives also make breakfasts, snacks and dinners for all the family and also find time to prepare a romantic evening they can spend with their husbands. They spoil their partners by doing things their partners wish or ask them to do.

Slovak women go shopping at least twice a week and on their way to shops they usually pick up their children from school and other playgroups. If the family lives far from the school, mothers also take them there. They either walk or go by cars. Meeting women in shopping centres, at markets or supermarkets is a common thing as they provide constant food delivery for the whole family and provide a stable family background. Fathers then go to work and earn enough money to support the family financially.

Slovak girls love it when their mothers take them out and do shopping with them. In general, all the girls care about their appearance and wish to look as famous models. They just need their mums to help them choose proper clothes and pay for them. The same feature works for Czech girls. Slovak women dress really well too. They are elegant, good-looking and come across as confident and sophisticated.

05. 09. 2012