How to impress a Czech girl

Czech girls are known all over the world to be one of the most beautiful women. Why? How is it possible? If you need asked for these questions, may be you don´t know Czech women characteristic! Czech girls and women are very feminine. They look so good, because they are usually slim and have many hair colors which is usually straight. They wear make-up and spend countless hours in looking really good. Also, they have a big thing for shoes and they wear really nice clothes. Beautiful Czech girls are desired from men from all countries (for example Germany, England, USA, Spain, but from Italy and men from other countries as well) because of their belief that these women are traditional.

If you want to meet some girls from Czech Republic, you should go there to your holiday. May be you will meet someone in your country to spend her holiday. Or you can visit really good website is a lot of profiles of beautiful czech girls. And then? May be you don´t know, how to impress a Czech girl. How to make a first move? Don´t worry, it is really easy!

At first – do not wear socks with sandals. Probably it is really funny for you, because it should be common knowledge… But not for Czech male population. Really, it is true! Then you should go on a romantic cycle ride in Prague together. Why? Because it is totally cool and because she is probably never been on one. And what else? Buy her a good Czech beer! May be you thing its really boring, may be it is unimaginative for you, but… just do it, you will see!  Beer is like a second language to all Czechs. Beer is basically the same like getting together with a bunch of friends and having good old time. And at last… Keep smile every time, be positive and optimistic. Czech girls love it!


09. 01. 2017