Diferences between Czech men and women

One week before i saw one beautiful video. A lot of foreigners was speaking about Czech men and Czech women. How they describe Czech man and women? Somebody told that Czech people look similar the Russians, somebody told that they are like Columbian or Brazilian. So, who knows...

Some women speaking about Czech women. Mostly they told, Czech woman are sexy, elegant and stylish, beautiful, tall skinny, but they look better when they are younger. Most of Czech woman have blond hair, blue eye and long blond or brown hair, very white skin, Somebody told Czech women are going to be fat when they are older… but… some nice young man told, Czech women are like Victoria Secret´s models and they spend a lot of money for clothes, hair and cosmetic. They wear a beautiful dresses and short skirts and they are very sexy. Evidently man loved them… Czech women were describing very positively!

Compared to that Czech man are really very boring! They have a lot of muscles and strong bodies. They do not care about themselves. They do not have very good looking – they are tall; they have big belly – because they drink a lot of bier. They have serious faces. They should do more sports and build some muscles. Czech men have just average looking. Some girl and woman told they are sorry for Czech women, because they usually stay with some Czech man… But some Czech single women are clever. They have profiles on www.czech-single-women.comand they try to find some gentleman from the other parts of world. If you want to meet some of Czech women, look to this website and try to find some beautiful woman from Czech Republic.


13. 10. 2017